Finished Goods

  ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONSControlling input and output of the Finished Goods WarehouseAssess priority of jobs and release within OTD lead time.Allocate product to customer ordersAssesses Work Screen for orders without stock. Requests Make Stocks.Buys off Stock orders to printCycle counts on Finished Goods Warehouse inventoryMaintain a clean and tidy workspaceOther related duties as required  PREREQUISITE EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE, SKILLS:Have good verbal and written English communication skills; be able to work from written and verbal instructions.Be detail oriented and able to multi-task several functions.Be able to organize work to optimize efficiency.High school diploma or GED preferred.Prefer previous computer data entry experience.  PHYSICAL/MENTAL REQUIREMENTS:Ability to function in high-pressure situations.Ability to perform basic mathematical calculationsManual dexterity to operate computer terminal and calculator.Correctable vision and hearing.Ability to sit, walk, stand, bend waist and neck, squat, twist neck and waist, use hands to grasp, manipulate, push, pull and reach and the ability to lift up to 35 lbs., etc.Must be able to maneuver successfully through a 75,000 square foot manufacturing facility.Must be ok with cold and hot environments.  The shop is not air-conditioned or heated AUD Castaic 91355-1014